• Processing the application of youth societies for registration
  • Processing of applications related to changes/amendments of names, addresses, flags and logos.
  • Processing the applications for constitutional amendments and information search.
  • Issue the certificate of registration for the registered youth societies.
  • Manage and update the youth societies’ record, registration data and information. (Including the Registration System of Youth Society – eROY)
  • Providing periodical statistics on registered youth societies.
  • Prepare the regulations and guidelines on youth society management
  • Provide consultation and guidance
  • Secretariat of the Dispute Resolution Panel
  • Coordinate the youth societies’ training and development programmes
  • Conduct studies on matters pertaining to the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007.
  • Plan and execute the regulatory approach on youth societies
  • Monitor the management and operations of the youth societies in accordance with the requirement of the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007
  • Conduct investigations in respect of the actions and practices inconsistent with the Youth Society and Youth Development Act
  • Initiate proceedings to charge the related cases in court
  • Conduct spot checks on youth societies and investigate official complaints, coordinate matters pertaining to warnings, suspension and revocation of the youth societies registration 
  • Administration
  • Manage and record the employees' leave application.
  • Manage the vehicle use application including registering the use of Touch N Go cards and the fuel indent cards
  • Preparing the Punch Card report, receive, record, sign and distribute letters received and letters to be sent out
  • Maintain the office file system
  • Prepare a Meeting Setup   


  • Finance
  • Manage the procurement Application of Supply/Services/ Work for PPPB.
  • Manage the payment for each bill, invoices and contracts to the suppliers/contractors.
  • Manage the receipt, registration and distribution of office supply and the Government's movable asset supply.
  • Manage the Disposal of Government Movable Assets.
  • Establish a Financial Committee and prepare the Financial Report.
  • Responsible for all Queries Related to the Financial Inspection or Audit.


  • Training

           Ensure that all employees are provided with trainings and the trainings are recorded in the service book and prepare reports on staff training.