Soalan Lazim

Soalan Lazim

Among the functions of the Institute are:

  • Act as the National Youth Development Research Centre;
  • Collect, manage and disseminate information pertaining to youth development;
  • Conduct, facilitate or fund research on youth development;
  • Provide technical, advisory, and consultancy services on youth development;
  • Creates relationships and cooperation related to youth development with other institutions locally and abroad;
  • Analyze, evaluate and make recommendations regarding youth activities organized by youth societies, government bodies, non-governmental organizations and the private sector;
  • Execute educational and awareness programmes to encourage youth development; and
  • Collaborate, coordinate and participate in youth development research programmes organized by various organizations including international organizations.
  • The National Youth Consultative Council is comprised of representatives of the Federal Government, State Governments, all members of the Supreme Council and Working Committee of the parent body of youth societies at the national level and other appointed members who may contribute to youth development that functions as a consultative body in terms of youth development.

Malaysian Youth Council is the parent body of youth societies at the national level that confederates and coordinate all youth societies affiliated with it. Its functions are:

  • To channel the voice of youth to the Government;
  • To cooperate with the Government in carrying out programmes and activities related to youth development;
  • To perform any other functions under this Act.

Among the direct impacts identified when this act is enforced includes: 

  • Youth societies will be registered under the Office of the Registrar of Youth Society, Ministry of Youth and Sports;
  • Members and Leaders of the youth societies shall be of those aged not less than 15 years and not more than 40 years;
  • 'Youth Societies' are given a clearer definition to facilitate the registration and to distinguish them from other establishments;
  • The head of the youth societies at the national level can only hold the post for 6 years on a continuous basis;
  • Regulatory and monitoring of the registered youth societies will be carried out by the Ministry of Youth and sports;
  • Any internal disputes which occur in the registered youth society is to be resolved in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the Act;
  • The Malaysian Youth Council is recognized as the main body of the youth societies and plays a major role in channeling the 'youth voices';
  • All youth societies registered under this Act will be given major attention by the Ministry of Youth and Sports including in the provision of assistance, leadership development, organizational development and others;
  • The identity and image of the youth society will be more prominent as an organization for the youth when its members and leaders are in the age group that does not exceed 40 years;
  • A wider opportunity for young people to lead the youth societies will indirectly create more young leaders who will become the successor of the nation's leadership;
  • The consultation platform between youths and the government is more open, direct and systematic through the consultative forum created by the National Youth Consultative Council;
  • The youth development approach in the country will move to a new era through the research and development (R & D) applications in the field of youth development introduced under this Act.

Any dispute that cannot be resolved can be referred to the Registrar for decision;

  • If dissatisfied with the Registrar's decision, an appeal can be made to the Dispute Resolution Panel;
  • If dissatisfied with the Panel's decision, an appeal can be made to the Minister.

The Registrar may reject the registration of a youth society if:

  • its registration has been made due to fraud, error or misrepresentation;
  • the youth society is used for unlawful purposes;
  • the youth society continues the objectives other than the original objective of its establishment;
  • the youth society willfully violates this Act or any regulations under this Act;
  • the youth society no longer exist;
  • the youth society or its branch has been revoked under the Societies Act 1966;
  • disputes exist among members of the youth societies regarding the societies’ office bearers or the property administrators.

Matters pertaining to youth societies registration will be managed by the Registrar of Youth Societies appointed by the Minister of Youth and Sports

According to the interpretation of youth activity under this Act, it means any activity involving the youth and among the objectives includes the aspects of: 

  • To develop the youth personality;
  • To enhance the nationalism among youths;
  • To disseminate the principles of Rukunegara;
  • To create awareness among youth on the negative elements and values;
  • To enable youth to have an awareness on culture, environment, sports, health, spirituality and social welfare;
  • To provide opportunities for youth participation in the urban and rural community development programmes;
  • To provide opportunities for leadership, skills and entrepreneurship training;
  • To help youth adapt and develop positive attitudes in facing the challenges and life pressure through the use of educational and life skills components

Yes. All youth societies which have been registered under the Societies Act 1966 are required to apply for registration under the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2006 and must ceased to be registered under the Societies Act 1966 when its registration under this Act is approved.

They may continue to hold such posts until their term or duration is expired.

This Act only limits the term of office as the head of a youth society at the national level which shall not exceed 6 years continuously. The duration of other office bearers at all levels are not limited provided that their age does not exceed 40 years old.

Any person who became a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Committee members for youth societies or any of its branches.

  • Leaders who were selected or appointed to hold office shall be aged not less than fifteen years and not more than forty years.
  • Not convicted of any offence under this Act.
  • Not convicted for any offence under any other law and sentenced to a fine of not less than RM5,000.00 or imprisonment not less than 1 year.
  • Not a bankrupt
  • Is not undergoing the detention order, restrictions, regulatory supervision, restricted residence, banishment or deportation.
  • Not a person who has been declared as having an unsound mind.
  • Not a person who is found to be ineligible to hold office for any other reason as the Registrar of Youth Organization considers appropriate and necessary.
  • Societies established through other Parliamentary Acts such as the Girl Guide Association, Scout Association, St. John Ambulance and the Red Crescent Society
  • Youth Wing to any organization other than youth societies.
  • All newly established youth societies that has not been registered.
  • All youth societies that are still registered under the Societies Act 1966.


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