e-Participation Policy 

The e-Participation (e-Penyertaan) Policy aims to initiate a culture and e-participation practices in order to enhance transparency and public participation in enhancing the quality of services of the Office of the Registrar of Youth Society (ROY). ROY has always recognized the public involvement to enable it to explore a broader perspective, information resources, and potential solutions to improve results and services. It also provides the basis for better productive relationships, a better dialogue and discussion, and orderly governance. 

The objective of e-Participation is to engage citizens in the policy development and decision-making processes through the use of information and communication technology. Among the communication channels used are the ROY Online Survey, Public Consultation, Feedback Query, Polls, Email and ROY Social Media namely Facebook. 

ROY welcomes participation in compliance with the following stipulated terms and conditions: 

  1. Any statement affecting the sensitivity of racial, religious and political is strictly prohibited. 
  1. Degrading, personal attack and issuing statements that could offend other participants is prohibited. 
  1. Control your statement, avoid using abusive and a state inclined language. 
  1. It is not recommended to chat or to send sentences which derailed from the main topic. 
  1. Topics and links to pornographic websites is strictly prohibited. 
  1. Make sure that your statement/topic does not violate the regulations of 'COPYRIGHT LAW', 'TRADEMARK', 'PATENT ' and others. 
  1. IT IS PROHIBITED to use the e-Participation column as a place to run any contest, pyramid scheme, rich quick scheme, internet money scheme, chain letters, junk e-mails, commercially or otherwise. 
  1. It is prohibited to upload the files that contain viruses, such as computer virus "Trojan Horses", "worms", "time bombs", "cancel boots" or any software or programmes that may damage the operation of other users' computers. 
  1. The administrator of e-participation column in any circumstances does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee any truth, accuracy or reliability of any statement/topic that was made in the e-Participation column. The individual himself/herself should understand that any risk in regards to the reliability of an item in this column is borne by the individual himself/herself.  
  1. The administrator of e-Participation reserves the right to amend and delete any statement/topic at any time without notifying the author of the statement/topic concern. 
  1. The administrator of e-Participation reserves the right to amend the e-Participation policies and guidelines at any time without any announcement/notice. 
  1. As a participant or the person issuing a statement in the e-Participation column, you are subjected to the terms and conditions of the e-Participation Guidelines.